“Exponential Edge has been able to help me see how to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the convergence of trends.”

– Consumer Group President, Symantec
“Infusing HP with new revenue streams, and technology and new business models.”

– HP Annual Report 2000, pp.33

“The vertical market segmentation project was thorough. I would highly recommend her organization to others.”

– Corporate SVP, Cloud Services, Seagate

”One of Silicon Valley’s most respected (if not the most respected) strategists.”

– Consulting Magazine

”We developed a strategy which more than doubled the GSI business within three years. A delight to work with and I can’t recommend Exponential Edge highly enough.”

– VP-Juniper Networks, Retired VP – Hewlett Packard
”A master at synthesizing lots of data and noise to derive insightful trends and frameworks that enlighten and create aha moments for everyone.”

– President Emeritus – ASAP; Sr. Director Google

Exponential Edge’s network of experts publish their research findings in top publications worldwide, and write media reports based on our client work and latest thinking. CEO and Founder, Adrian Ott regularly speaks at industry events, providing creative insights and best practices of marketing and partner programs.

Learn more about our best practices, strategic principles and our latest thoughts on management and strategy.

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Our Exponential® books are a series of fast-reading manuscripts that enable executives and organizations to rapidly learn about leading-edge neuroscience, motivation, marketing, leadership and technology strategies used in the Silicon Valley and beyond. Filled with practical case studies and ideas, the series helps you to apply the latest techniques to increase your business and personal success.

Digital HabitsFeature C-Suite Book  

Adrian Ott shares key
insights in this C-Suite Book
Club interview


2010 Business Book of the Year
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Adrian Ott Speaks on Time-Value Innovation to the VC Roundtable held at Xerox PARC

Check out Adrian Ott’s TedX Talk

Carnegie Mellon University Graduation Keynote by Adrian Ott

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27 senior executives from Silicon Valley’s largest companies such as Cisco, IBM, HP, eBay, SAP, Salesforce.com, Oracle and others weigh in at the annual 2009 Roundtable on the economy, best practices and trends. The companies represented shape not only Silicon Valley’s economy but the world’s technology landscape. Session Moderated by Adrian Ott.
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Silicon Valley Chief Alliance Officer Meeting 2008: Takeaways, Best Practices and Implications.

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Interview on Partnering Trends.
Adrian Ott, CEO of Exponential Edge is interviewed for Kennedy Information Study, Publishers of Consulting Magazine.
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