“Exponential Edge has been able to help me see how to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the convergence of trends.”

– Consumer Group President, Symantec
“Infusing HP with new revenue streams, and technology and new business models.”

– HP Annual Report 2000, pp.33

“The vertical market segmentation project was thorough. I would highly recommend her organization to others.”

– Corporate SVP, Cloud Services, Seagate

”One of Silicon Valley’s most respected (if not the most respected) strategists.”

– Consulting Magazine

”We developed a strategy which more than doubled the GSI business within three years. A delight to work with and I can’t recommend Exponential Edge highly enough.”

– VP-Juniper Networks, Retired VP – Hewlett Packard
”A master at synthesizing lots of data and noise to derive insightful trends and frameworks that enlighten and create aha moments for everyone.”

– President Emeritus – ASAP; Sr. Director Google

Legal Information

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Exponential Edge Inc. Human Rights and Labor Policy

Exponential Edge Inc. acknowledges and respects the fundamental principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Exponential Edge Inc.’s core values reflect a commitment to ethical business practices and good corporate citizenship. Our policies and practices require Exponential Edge Inc. employees and affiliates to conduct our business with uncompromising integrity and to promote human rights within the company’s sphere of influence.

Ethical Business Conduct: Exponential Edge Inc.’s Standards of Business Conduct requires that business be conducted with honesty and reflects high ethical standards that are the basis for achieving our goals. The standards establish clear ethical guidelines for how we do business and establish accountability. All employees and affiliates are expected to comply with these standards.

No Harsh or Inhumane Treatment: Exponential Edge Inc. prohibits physical abuse, harassment or threat. Exponential Edge Inc. will provide a safe and healthy working environment for all of its employees.

Freedom of Association: Exponential Edge Inc. respects the rights of employees to organize in labor unions in accordance with local laws and established practice, if desired.

Freely-chosen employment: Exponential Edge Inc. supports the elimination of all forms of forced, bonded or involuntary prison labor.

No Child Labor: Exponential Edge Inc. condemns all forms of exploitation of children. Exponential Edge Inc. will not recruit child labor and supports the elimination of exploitive child labor.

Minimum Wages: Exponential Edge Inc. will compensate our employees with wages and benefits that meet or exceed the legally required minimum.

Working Hours: Exponential Edge Inc. will not require employees to work more than the maximum hours of daily labor set by local laws.

No Discrimination: Exponential Edge Inc. supports and upholds the elimination of discriminatory practices with respect to employment, and promotes and embraces diversity in all aspects of its business operations. Our policies prohibit discrimination based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, religion, disability, veteran status, national origin or any protected class.

Exponential Edge Inc Supplier Environmental and Social Responsibility Code of Conduct: Exponential Edge Inc.’s suppliers are required to support and promote the fundamental human rights referenced in this document.

This policy is approved by Exponential Edge Inc.’s executive management and applies to Exponential Edge Inc. operations worldwide.

                                Corporate Health and Safety Policy Statement

                As of January 2, 2014

Exponential Edge is committed to preventing the accidental loss of any of its resources, including employees and physical assets.

In fulfilling this commitment to protect both people and property, management will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements, and will strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in property damage, accidents, or personal injury/illness.

We recognize that the responsibility for health and safety are shared. All employees will be equally responsible for minimizing accidents within our facilities and on our work sites. Safe work practices and job procedures will be clearly defined in the company’s Health and Safety Manual for all employees to follow.

Accidental loss can be controlled through good management in combination with active employee involvement. Safety is the direct responsibility of all managers, supervisors, employees, and contractors.

All management activities will comply with company safety requirements as they relate to planning, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment. All employees will perform their jobs properly in accordance with established procedures and safe work practices.

I trust that all of you will join me in a personal commitment to make safety a way of life.

Adrian C. Ott
Exponential Edge, Inc.

*The safety information in this policy does not take precedence over Federal and State OSHA legislation. All Subcontractors and their employees and affiliates should be familiar with OSHA Workers Rights and Regulations.

Company Health and Safety Rules

Federal and State OSHA regulations form the basis and minimum standards for our company and they are required for yours to do business with our Company. You are encouraged to make yourself familiar with the provisions of the regulations. If you are unsure of a procedure or process, we encourage you to ask for assistance. Guessing or assuming that it is safe is a major cause of accidents.

  1. All accidents must be reported immediately to your Company or Subcontractor supervisor prior to leaving the workplace if possible.
  1. You should obtain a copy of ergonomic best practices published by Cal OSHA. You and your employees must read this prior to beginning work. Please adhere to these guidelines to prevent illness and injury and refer to this manual often. If you have not received a copy, please request one from Company.
  1. Working under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants is strictly forbidden while working on behalf of Company or our Clients.
  1. Misuse of Company or Client property or equipment will not be tolerated.
  1. While on-site at a Client worksite, all Client site rules and regulations will be followed. If you deem your Client workspace is unsafe including but not limited to exposing you to hazards, injure-prone ergonomic conditions, or the Client or another employee or affiliates asks you to perform an unsafe task placing you in a dangerous, or unlawful situation, please remove yourself from the hazard and contact your Exponential Edge or Subcontractor supervisor or a member of senior management immediately. All policy violation complaints will be held in strictest confidence and your anonymity will be protected to the highest extent possible for the situation.
  1. While driving on Company business all traffic laws and speed limits will be followed. You must also carry with you a valid driver’s license. Under no circumstances will employees or affiliates performing work on behalf of Company be allowed to drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants.
  1. If your business travel results in passing through or are located in an unsafe neighborhood, subway or train station please use caution and common sense, e.g. if in a car lock all doors and move yourself to a safer location. If you feel in danger or threatened in any way, please remove yourself from the hazard immediately. Keep a cell phone handy in case of emergency.
  1. On business travel, check all door locks and windows in your hotel room to ensure safety. If the room provided does not lock properly or has safety hazards, ask the hotel for a safer room.
  1. Violating safety laws and/or guidelines will be considered a major rule violation and can result in disciplinary action and potential legal liability for Subcontractor.
  1. Use common sense when it comes to health and safety. If you are unsure of the proper procedure or the safety hazards, please ask for assistance and/or instructions.
  1. All employees and Subcontractors must familiarize themselves with the contents of this policy and acknowledge receipt of this policy prior to starting work on behalf of Company or our Clients.

Exponential Edge Inc. Environmental Policy

Exponential Edge is committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner. To achieve this result, we:

  1. Ensure our services, products and operations and services comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  1. Maintain and continually improve our environmental management systems to conform to requirements as dictated by specific markets or local regulations.
  1. Operate in a manner that is committed to continuous improvement in environmental sustainability through recycling, conservation of resources, prevention of pollution, product development, and promotion of environmental responsibility amongst our employees and affiliates.
  1. When applicable, responsibly manage the use of hazardous materials in our operations, products and service, and promote recycling or reuse of our products and services.
  1. Inform suppliers, including contractors, of our environmental expectations and require them to adopt environmental management practices aligned with these expectations.

Privacy Shield Policy


On July 16, 2020, the European Court of Justice issued a judgment declaring invalid the European Commission’s Decision 2016/1250/EC of July 12, 2016 on the adequacy of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. Exponential Edge Inc. continues to comply with ongoing obligations with respect to transfers made under the Privacy Shield Framework. We continue to follow robust privacy principles, such as those underlying the Privacy Shield Framework, and to review privacy policies to ensure they describe our privacy practices accurately, including with regard to international data transfers. https://www.privacyshield.gov/article?id=Administration-of-Privacy-Shield

Prior to Privacy Shield, Exponential Edge Inc., complied with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information from European Union member countries and Switzerland.  Exponential Edge, Inc. has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement.  To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, and to view Exponential Edge, Inc.’s certification, please visit https://www.export.gov/safeharbor/

Exponential Edge, Inc. (the “Company”) is a management consulting services provider that offers market research that helps global companies, governments, and organizations to understand business, consumer and employee insights and market trends. Protecting consumer privacy is important to the Company. The Company and its affiliated United States subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Company,” “we,” “us” or “our”) adhere to the Safe Harbor Agreement concerning the transfer of personal data from the European Union (“EU”) to the United States of America. Accordingly, we follow the Safe Harbor Principles published by the U.S. Department of Commerce (the “Principles”) with respect to all such data. If there is any conflict between the policies in this privacy policy and the Principles, the Principles shall govern. This privacy policy outlines our general policy and practices for implementing the Principles, including the types of information we gather, how we use it and the notice and choice affected individuals have regarding our use of and their ability to correct that information. This privacy policy applies to all personal information received by the Company whether in electronic, paper or verbal format.

“Personal Information” or “Information” means information that (1) is transferred from the EU to the United States; (2) is recorded in any form; (3) is about, or pertains to a specific individual; and (4) can be linked to that individual.

Sensitive Personal Information” means personal information that reveals race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership or that concerns an individual’s health.



Company shall inform an individual of the purpose for which it collects and uses the Personal Information and the types of non-agent third parties to which the Company discloses or may disclose that Information. Company shall provide the individual with the choice and means for limiting the use and disclosure of their Personal Information. Notice will be provided in clear and conspicuous language when individuals are first asked to provide Personal Information to the Company, or as soon as practicable thereafter, and in any event before the Company uses or discloses the Information for a purpose other than for which it was originally collected

The Company will offer individuals the opportunity to choose (opt out) whether their Personal Information is (1) to be disclosed to a third party or (2) to be used for a purpose other than the purpose for which it was originally collected or subsequently authorized by the individual. For Sensitive Personal Information, the Company will give individuals the opportunity to affirmatively or explicitly (opt out) consent to the disclosure of the information for a purpose other than the purpose for which it was originally collected or subsequently authorized by the individual. Company shall treat Sensitive Personal Information received from an individual the same as the individual would treat and identify it as Sensitive Personal Information.

Onward Transfers
Prior to disclosing Personal Information to a third party, Company shall notify the individual of such disclosure and allow the individual the choice (opt out) of such disclosure. Company shall ensure that any third party for which Personal Information may be disclosed subscribes to the Principles or are subject to law providing the same level of privacy protection as is required by the Principles and agree in writing to provide an adequate level of privacy protection.

Data Security
Company shall take reasonable steps to protect the Information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Company has put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the Information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction. Company cannot guarantee the security of Information on or transmitted via the Internet

Data Integrity
Company shall only process Personal Information in a way that is compatible with and relevant for the purpose for which it was collected or authorized by the individual. To the extent necessary for those purposes, Company shall take reasonable steps to ensure that Personal Information is accurate, complete, current and reliable for its intended use.

Company shall allow an individual access to their Personal Information and allow the individual to correct, amend or delete inaccurate information, except where the burden or expense of providing access would be disproportionate to the risks to the privacy of the individual in the case in question or where the rights of persons other than the individual would be violated.

Company uses a self-assessment approach to assure compliance with this privacy policy and periodically verifies that the policy is accurate, comprehensive for the information intended to be covered, prominently displayed, completely implemented and accessible and in conformity with the Principles. We encourage interested persons to raise any concerns using the contact information provided and we will investigate and attempt to resolve any complaints and disputes regarding use and disclosure of Personal Information in accordance with the Principles.
If a complaint or dispute cannot be resolved through our internal process, we agree to dispute resolution using (an independent resource mechanism) as a third party resolution provider

This privacy policy may be amended from time to time consistent with the requirements of the Safe Harbor. We will post any revised policy on this website

Information Subject to Other Policies
The Company is committed to following the Principles for all Personal Information within the scope of the Safe Harbor Agreement. However, certain information is subject to policies of the Company that may differ in some respects from the general policies set forth in this privacy policy.

Contact Information
Questions, comments or complaints regarding the Company’s Safe Harbor Policy or data collection and processing practices can be mailed to:

Exponential Edge, Inc.
Attn: Legal Department
4900 Hopyard Road, Suite 100
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Effective date: November 1, 2009
Updated: November 29, 2021

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