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The Exponential Influence® Book Series

Exponential Influence® is a series of fast-reading books that enable executives and organizations to rapidly learn about leading-edge neuroscience, motivation, marketing, leadership and technology strategies used in the Silicon Valley and beyond. Filled with practical case studies and ideas, the series helps you to apply the latest techniques to increase your business and personal success.


Exponential Influence®:
Designing Digital Habits That Engage Distracted Customers

Everyone knows that repetition forms habits.
But did you know that repetition KILLS Digital Habits?

Digital Habits are powerful and different. They also create a unique competitive advantage for market leaders like Google.

Your customers are more distracted and less loyal than ever in today’s time-starved, always-connected economy.  Digital Habits integrate human neuroscience with the latest technology to gain more traction throughout the customer journey.

This book provides fresh ideas for CMOs, customer experience, strategy, and digital marketing executives who seek to apply the latest marketing and technology approaches to win more business.  You will discover:

  • Five Triggers based on neuroscience that engage every prospective buyer
  • How Amazon, Disney, and Apple put customer loyalty on steroids by designing Digital Habit Ecosystems
  • Frameworks that help you apply Digital Habit techniques to grow your business and gain competitive advantage.





The 24-Hour Customer
Named Best Business Book of The Year

New Rules for Winning in a Time-Starved, Always-Connected Economy

  • How do today’s market winners harness rather than fight the forces of time and attention?

  • Why is defining wants and needs insufficient for today’s connected customer?

Time is Not Money. Time is More Important Than Money.

Today’s customers are overwhelmed, overworked, and over-stressed, and it seems that everyone—from CEOs to soccer moms—is short on time and overwhelmed with information. As a result, despite the availability of 24/7 commerce and countless ways of engaging people in our multi-screen (mobile, TV, PC) economy, companies find it more difficult than ever to claim even a fraction of the 1,440 minutes in their customers' precious 24 hours.


Exponential Influence®: Digital Attraction

The Customer Attraction Zone adds new digital dimension for marketing executives that includes social media, content marketing, and apps that have changed the way your customers research and buy. This creates a new opportunity for businesses to reach and engage customers, however it is also fraught with perils. This book provides a framework and fresh ideas for CMOs, customer experience executives, channel executives, and marketers who wish to apply the latest marketing and technology approaches to win more business. You will discover:

  • Five ways to master your Customer Attraction Zone that grow your business.
  • How market-leading businesses acquire new customers by proactively managing their Attraction Zone.
  • Frameworks and tips that help you apply the latest neuroscience and digital attraction techniques.

What People Say

"One of Silicon Valley’s most respected, if not the most respected, strategists.”
- Consulting Magazine

“Adrian is a master at synthesizing lots of data and noise to derive insightful trends and frameworks that enlighten and create ah-ha moments for
everyone. Adrian is one of the top consultants in the Silicon Valley and I recommend her highly.”
- Jim Chow
Sr. Director, Google
President – Emeritus ASAP

“Adrian has always had a unique ability to see how several different trends are coming together to form something completely new.”
- Janice Chaffin
President (retired)
Consumer Business, Symantec

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