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“Revolutionizing marketing by adding the concept of time.” Library Journal

  • Does your team operate from a consistent market and competitive strategy playbook?
  • Are you at risk of being blindsided by competitors outside your industry?
  • Are you proactively applying emerging business models and the new rules to win?
  • Are you gaining traction with today’s always-connected customers?

Bring the latest breakthrough thinking and synchronize your organization for action.  The Exponential Edge team will help you to discover new ways to win big with today’s always connected customer, new technologies and fast-changing markets. 

Exponential Vision™ Innovation and Strategy Series

  • Tap into new markets, new technologies, customer ecosystems and business models
  • Identify disruptive threats and opportunities by applying  B.E.Y.O.N.D assessments
  • Build strategy and competitive scenario playbooks
  • Synchronize your team around a common playbook for action

Exponential Influence® Digital Marketing and Customer Journey Mapping Workshops

  • How to accelerate the customer journey with digital habits
  • Leveraging technology to create customer habits for your offerings

Exponential Vision™ Workshop:
Identify Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Discover how to open new doors for a particular category of product or service of your choosing.
Outcomes include:     

  • Uncover up to three (3) new initiatives, or opportunities, to grow business in your chosen category of product or service
  • Understand potential new business model(s) to consider
  • Learn how to capitalize on time for a competitive advantage and differentiation
  • Learn what other companies are doing and how to apply to your own offerings

Timing: Half-day interactive workshop guided by seasoned executive facilitator via webinar (or in-person1), plus follow up with the designated corporate team (up to 10 participants) within a one week period to discover opportunities.2

Exponential Vision™ Workshop:
Disruptive Competitive Threat Assessment—B.E.Y.O.N.D.™ Evaluation

Stay ahead by not getting blindsided by existing or completely new competitors.  Discern if competitors are changing the game to steal your customers away.  We will utilize the B.E.Y.O.N.D.™  Evaluation methodology to realize your true competitive landscape - Business Models, Encroachment, SimplifY Products, Overall Customer, Next Wave, and Distribution.  Please see the Fast Company article for more information:
Outcomes include:

  • Identification of potential key disrupters
  • Competitive scenario assessment mapping
  • An action plan to mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities
  • Deep dive competitive analysis also available for an additional fee

Timing: One to two weeks on average

Exponential Influence® Workshop:
Accelerate the Customer Journey with Digital Habits

Identify and analyze the key buying triggers that best apply to your business.  Understand which triggers are best to get customers’ attention and how you can take advantage of those triggers to close new business.  Enjoy an action plan to market smarter vs. louder by harnessing the ebbs and flows of customers’ time and attention via the right triggers to drive new revenues.
Outcomes include:

  • How to map Timeographics, buying triggers and rewards to your customer touch points
  • Identification of key buying triggers for your business
  • Analysis of your business’s trigger strength and effectiveness; Ways to optimize
  • Building a  digital habit ecosystem
  • A marketing plan to take advantage of the right triggers to increase customer adoption

Timing: Half-day interactive workshop with up to ten (10) participants guided by seasoned executive facilitator via webinar2 (or in-person1)

Exponential Influence® Workshop:
Creating Favorable Customer Habits for Your Product or Service (overview)

Learn from seasoned habit formation experts how habits are formed and how utilizing technology can help further solidify habits.  Training will be delivered to up to 15 corporate employees of your choice via interactive Webinar.3   Benefits include:

  • Learn how to identify habit formation opportunities
  • Understand key technologies that enable habits and how they could be applied
  • Detailed case studies on successful habit formation from companies such as P&G, Johnson & Johnson, and High-Tech companies

Timing: Half-Day Interactive Training Course

Exponential Influence® Workshop:
Leveraging Technology to Create Customer Habits for Your Offering

With a chosen team of up to 10 people, identify habit formation opportunities for your specific category of product or service1 and what technologies best support habit formation. This workshop will primarily be executed via interactive webinar with personal phone calls, emails, and necessary data collection used in advance to effectively analyze and deliver custom results.    
Outcomes include:  

  • How to apply habits to your product or service
  • Tangible next steps to create habits for your product or service
  • Identify sticky technologies that apply to your product or service

Timing:  Two half-day (up to 4 hours) webinar workshops, with follow up meetings as needed with team.



  1. In-person meetings and workshops available for an additional fee.
  2. Service is limited to one particular category of product or service.   Broader scope of product or service category and/or larger team of corporate employees are available for an additional fee. Working with external customers as part of the team is also an option for an additional fee.
  3. Training to more than 15 people and/or in-person training is also available for an additional fee.



“I am still receiving emails commenting on the value of the program.”

Sheryl Chamberlain
former Director
EMC Grassroots Innovation Program

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