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Strategy & Innovation

Global Mid-Market Assessment & Strategy:

Client Problem:
A F500 high-tech company needed to identify the best segments to target and methods to penetrate the mid-market with their products.

EE Solution:
Exponential Edge® developed a detailed assessment including market sizing and identified segments, channels, and product lines to best penetrate the global mid-market.

Client adopted the recommendations in this report which was described as “dog-eared” because they referred and used the information extensively. Client would like to approach all marketing programs using Exponential Edge’s approach.

Services Strategy Investigation:

Client Problem:
Services arm of a Tech company needed a business strategy and supporting methodology on how to package services to sell through the channel and protect Intellectual Property (IP). Little has been written or understood on this problem except from a legal standpoint in the client’s industry.

EE Solution:
Exponential Edge® researched best practice examples in industries such as Automotive and Publishing and then developed a methodology to apply these best practices to the client’s business. A scoring methodology was developed to rate whether the service was “channel ready”.

Client now has a clear approach in managing IP into its service development processes and is integrating this methodology into their corporate processes.

Telecommunications Industry Analysis:

Client Problem:
A major communications equipment provider wanted an assessment on the telecom service provider market and the key companies in order to determine better focus and target their marketing and partnering efforts.

EE Solution:
EE profiled major telecom service providers with an analysis of the service lines, trends and capabilities of each provider. Scenario analysis was also applied as to future actions and directions for each of these firms. Recommendations were made as to areas of focus and opportunities.

Client adopted EE’s recommendations and re-directed investment into areas with telecom service provider companies that were more strategic and productive for them.

European Market Assessment:

Client Problem:
A F1000 company wanted a country by country analysis in Europe as a potential market for their products.

EE Solution:
Exponential Edge® conducted extensive market analysis of 8 European countries. This involved primary and secondary research to assess market sizing, trends, customer attitudes and perceptions toward their products. As well as vertical market assessment, and partner selection for ISV’s, System Integrators and Channel partners in each country. Recommendations were made on the optimal market segments and partner mix for each country and across the European region.

This strategy formed the foundation for this company’s efforts in this market and was used as a decision-making instrument for the EMEA VP and Regional Country Manager’s to develop subsequent initiatives and campaigns.

Industry Structure/Scenario Analysis:

Client Problem:
Large Software Company needed Market Landscape Analysis to identify future competitive actions.

EE Solution:
EE analyzed market factors and trends relating to this market segment and identified scenarios for competitive action in this market space.

Client was able to be more proactive in their market approach by anticipating and developing strategies based on EE’s Analysis. Client re-directed investment into areas that were more strategic and productive for them.

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We developed a strategy which more than doubled the GSI business within three years. A delight to work with and I can't recommend highly enough.
Lane Nonnenberg
Retired VP and Executive
HP and BEA
"We are exceeding our revenue goals despite a down economy. I highly recommend Exponential Edge."
Thomas Shaffer
President, Nextstra, Inc.
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