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24-Hour Customer hits #1 International Best-Seller List

Adrian Ott Receives Silicon Valley Enterprising Women of the Year Award:
"What Enterprising Means To Me" (Motivational Speech for Women)

Exponential Edge CEO & Founder Named Silicon Valley Enterprising Woman of the Year 2011

What's Your Time Worth? (A Lot More Than You Think)

Adrian Ott interviewed on the 24/7 workday

Highlights of The 24-Hour Customer Book Launch using Cisco's Public TelePresence Suites

Make Time for "The 24-Hour Customer"

The best books, however, try to build on the foundations of knowledge and practice that were most comprehensively laid out by Northwestern University's Philip Kotler in 1967. I think Kotler would appreciate Adrian C. Ott's The 24-Hour Customer.

Consumers today scrimp to splurge.

For an insightful and actionable look at the way technology has changed the way consumers purchase goods and services, consultants should readh Adrian Ott's new book: The 24-Hour Customer.

Author Series: The 24-Hour Customer

Time-onomics and The 24-Hour Customer

The 24-Hour Customer Brings out TIME as a Way to Squeeze into Your Customer's World

New Rules for Marketing Professional Services -- An Interview with Adrian Ott

War for Attention

How to Get Prospects to Make Time For You.

"Ott not only outlines the problem -- she provides solutions.The 24-Hour Customer is a must-read for product development professionals and marketing strategists."

"The common-sense wisdom so often said about land is now being increasingly said about time: they aren't making any more of it."

"Want customers to splurge with you, value your brand and become advocates rather than churn - read this book."

"At a time when most businesses are struggling to find new source of customer value, Adrian's fresh approach to time is value is a breath of fresh air. Even advanced marketers can still benefit from this book."
-Innovation Playground Blog

"These are books on 800-CEO-READ's radar and ones worth checking out."

The 24-Hour Customer listed as a top book to watch in August

Adrian Ott discusses Time-Value Tradeoffs on network. "Why We Pay for Convenience"

"The centerpiece of the book is an innovative tool she has developed… Recommended for readers who want serious business improvement help."

"Ott voices the need for business strategy reinvention…calls for creating the right "time-value trade-off" through the right use of technology to gain market edge."
-Businessworld, India's largest selling business magazine review

"Adrian's book has the potential to do for time what Geoffrey Moore did for the technology adoption life cycle--provide powerful new customer insights that transform the way companies do business."
-Linda J. Popky, Marketing Leverage

"I cannot say enough good things about this book. In my mind, the book is excellent for executives, strategists, marketing, and innovators. From a strategy perspective, the approaches are well-structured and remind me of timeless, Michael Porter-esque classics. Yet the book goes beyond the classics and uses examples in the book that are cutting-edge, modern, timely, and technology-rich."
-Steve Shu, BusinessWeek Exchange

“Interesting new book…Ott’s time/attention quadrants show just how product centric our thinking still is.”
- Alan Mitchell, Marketing Society

“Ott's accessible tone and systematic strategies will be an eye-opener for companies…”
- Publishers Weekly (PDF)

“One of Silicon Valley’s most respected (if not the most respected) strategist.”
- Consulting Magazine, October 2009
What People Are Saying:

RT @ChandraChaterji: Breakthrough thesis on the time-starved consumer in Adrian Ott's 24 Hour Customer...definitely worth a read

RT @David_3Point: Many thx to @exponentialedge speaking at SF MENG meeting. Very enlightening. Everyone should find TIME to read the book

RT @nedkumar: Just wrapped up The 24-Hour Customer. Great stuff.

RT @CRMStrategies: 1 week until The 24-Hour Customer is released. #CRMe10 | Worth a read

RT @AndreaMeyer: @ExponentialEdge congrats on your TV appearance! Canada's National Television Network on the Lang & O'Leary Show on Aug 10.

RT @AlanSee: Customers constantly triage their mind, time, and dime ~ The 24-Hour Customer | so true @ExponentialEdge ; - )

Valori Stitt: Excellent article [Time Wars: Google vs. Facebook | Fast Company]. Very perceptive in framing the competition between Google and Facebook.

RT @AlanSee: The Time-Value Tradeoff ... @ExponentialEdge ... enjoying your book : - ) have a great weekend

LinkedIn Group: Jeff W.: An excellent piece of research, Adrian! Although the actual time spent on making purchase decisions has not changed much in decades, I imagine that your upcoming book will provide some illumination on how the PROCESS of making those purchase decisions has changed dramatically due to the 24/7 nature of today's "connected consumer". I look forward to seeing more of your findings, to understand how the selling process needs to change to align effectively with this new consumer buying process.

RT @lizguthridge: Enjoyed your webinar on time & 24-hour customer. Inspired to pre-order book!

@NormaWat: Adrian Ott has perceptively nailed the market trend of our time

@robertahill: I so agree RT @ExponentialEdge: The Myth of 24/7: Why latest time-use studies may surprise you.

@TimBaileyGR: Look forward to seeing Ott's book @ExponentialEdge on "The 24-Hour Customer " which is an eye-opener for companies

@SteveShu: Reviewing copy of "24hr Customer" (by @ExponentialEdge). Liking segmentation method focused on creative angle of why people buy vs. who

Time as the New Competitive Differentiator, Marketing Thought Leadership host Linda Popky interviews Adrian Ott on The 24-Hour Customer


What is a Time-onomics® Mindset?

Fast Company: The Rise of the Inattention Economy
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